Traditional CA Practices were mainly focused around the regulatory requirements of audit and tax. The profession and its practice have gradually evolved from being mere regulatory compliance support to playing an active role in clients' businesses through broad-ranging support and advisory functions.

We at Vasan & Sampath have not just been riding this wave of change, but anticipated it, and were among the pioneering firms that moved to include new and value-added services in our repertoire. Our practice focus is management support services that are geared towards growing and strengthening our client’s business, where we work in tandem with the owners & management.

In 2000 Vasan & Sampath signed up to becoming a member of the INPACT group, an international alliance of independent accounting firms affiliated to meet the challenges of a global marketplace. The firm has been an active participant in INPACT with our partner serving on key positions on the Board and through the affiliation has successfully helped several clients with complex cross border advisory needs.

Every professional at Vasan & Sampath works towards

  • Developing New Services
  • Bringing a fresh perspective to each assignment
  • Approaching each job with the skill and drive to make a difference
  • Finding New, Efficient Ways to Lower Cost in performing professional task
  • Continuously gathering market intelligence and tracking emerging client needs
  • Developing new Skills and Capabilities
  • Transferring Skills to Junior Professionals
  • Sharing skills and knowledge