International Affiliations

For the longest time, companies that expanded into foreign countries had few options when seeking an accounting firm to help them. Consolidation limited that choice to the big accounting firms.

The opening up of the Indian economy in the '90s brought with it a host of business opportunities. This required professional firms to adapt to these changes. These included an international reach for our clients with global aspirations.

Our aim here at Vasan & Sampath has always been to deliver professional services of a consistently high standard. Over the last few years we have grown not only in the number of clients, but in the breadth and nature of services required and rendered.

Our clients with international needs include Indian companies with overseas interests, as well as companies and individuals based abroad who have, or wish to set up, business operations in India or other locations outside their own country.

To equip ourselves to serve this client base, in 2000 Vasan & Sampath signed up to becoming a member of the INPACT group, an international alliance of independent accounting firms affiliated to meet the challenges of a global marketplace. The firm has been an active participant in INPACT with our partner serving on key positions on the Board and through the affiliation successfully helped several clients with complex cross border advisory needs.

This gives our clients access to a high standard of individualized advice anywhere in the world, and equips us to cater to the growing needs of a growing and diverse clientele. While not every client requires this kind of global 'muscle', having access to it if and when the need arises is a comforting thought.