"Local Expertise International Presence"
                                          "International Expertise Local Presence"

Introducing INPACT …… …….. an alliance with SOLUTIONS for your business.

INPACT is an international alliance of independent accounting firms affiliated to meet the challenges of a global marketplace. With over 150 member firms in over 60 countries, INPACT can help by providing access to local technical expertise, tailored to individual needs and delivered across international boundaries.

The 2010 Survey conducted by the International Accounting Bulletin has ranked the INPACT Group 17th among Associations of Independent Firms for 2009

Our affiliation with INPACT provides us with the capabilities of an international firm, while we continue to provide the accessibility and personalised client service on which we pride ourselves.

Our partner Mr. Arun Srinivasan serves on the Board of Directors of INPACT Asia Pacific and is part of the 6 member Global Strategic Committee of the INPACT Group.

The regular and growing collaboration between INPACT member firms on cross-border engagements is a direct result of the growing international expansion of companies of all sizes.

It is no longer just large corporations that require access to expert advice regarding local country taxation, business structuring, hiring practices, profit expatriation, regulatory rules, and other international services.

INPACT member firms provide companies with personal service and access to global capability whilst offering value for money.

INPACT members can help you by providing solutions through our alliance of independent offices worldwide. INPACT member firms understand the needs of growing businesses and combine a high level of service delivery with a friendly, caring and flexible approach.

Wherever our client's interests may lie, they can draw on reliable, professional, on-the-spot advice, consistent with our own high standards.

INPACT Member Services include

International Reporting and Consolidation - INPACT firms provide services that include audit and assurance, management accounting and international financial reporting.

Corporate Finance - INPACT firms provide access to corporate finance specialists who advise on funding, company structures and other aspects of financing.

Strategic Planning and Business Development - INPACT members work closely with companies to guide them in their strategic planning processes and strategies for growth.

International Expansion - INPACT can help organizations launch products and services into new markets.

Buying & Selling a Business - INPACT can assist organisations locate and acquire businesses worldwide and guide them during the sale process.

International Tax Solutions and Strategies - INPACT firms can advise on transfer pricing policy, international mobility (expatriates, secondments, etc.) and other services.